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AC Electricity

AC Electricity

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 Alternating current (commonly known as AC) electricity has an alternating voltage and current waveform, usually a sine wave.

Most electrical appliances as well as the electricity grid use AC electricity, however a PV array produces DC electricity. Therefore, the output of the PV array needs to be converted into AC electricity before it can be connected to the grid.

This course will teach you how to:

  • identify the main participants of the electricity grid, and their roles in the electricity market
  • relate the fundamental characteristics of AC electricity including voltage, current, power and frequency
  • compare the power factor of different loads
  • identify grid interaction issues due to abnormal frequency, voltage or earthing.

This course is part of the Grid-Connected PV Systems training pathways. Before you enrol in this course, you should complete the Workplace Health and Safety, DC Electricity, Solar Radiation, and PV Fundamentals courses.

Access will expire 1 year after enrolment.



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