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Photovoltaics Fundamentals

Photovoltaics Fundamentals

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Photovoltaics (commonly known as PV) is the term used to describe the conversion of solar radiation (‘photo’) into electricity (‘voltaics’). Solar cells are small PV units able to generate electricity when sunlight hits them. These solar cells are used collectively to form the PV modules comprising a grid-connected PV system.

This course will teach you:

  • How a solar cell converts sunlight into electricity
  • The electrical and operating characteristics of a solar cell
  • How solar cells are combined in series to create a solar module
  • How solar modules are combined in series and parallel to create a solar array
  • Manufacturing processes of different types of module technologies
  • Protection requirements for effective operation of modules in an array
  • How external conditions can affect the performance and reliability of modules

This course is part of the Grid-Connected PV Systems training pathways. Before you enrol in this course, you should complete the DC Electricity and Solar Radiation courses.

Access will expire 1 year after enrolment.


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