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PV System Maintenance

PV System Maintenance

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A grid-connected PV system that has been appropriately installed and commissioned should operate over its life with minimal intervention: this is one of the main advantages of solar systems over other forms of power generation. However, PV systems do need regular inspection and maintenance to ensure that they are operating and will continue to operate efficiently, to check for any problems and to maximise the life of the system. This course will introduce the best practices for PV system maintenance and expected lifetimes of componentry. This course will teach you:

  • The best practices for PV system maintenance
  • The expected lifetimes of componentry

This course is part of the Grid-Connected PV Systems training pathways. Before you enrol in this course, you should complete the Workplace Health and Safety, DC Electricity, AC Electricity, Solar Radiation, PV Fundamentals, Inverters, PV Mounting Systems, Balance of System, Energy Assessment, Site Assessment, Matching Array and Inverter, and PV System Protection, PV Cable Design, PV Efficiency & Yield, PV System Economics, PV System Installation, PV System Commissioning courses. 

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