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Solar Radiation

Solar Radiation

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Solar radiation, also known as the solar resource or simply sunlight, is a general term for the energy emitted by the sun. The electricity produced by a solar cell is proportional to the solar radiation input, so it is important to determine the amount of solar radiation that will reach the PV cell or module. The received solar radiation varies depending on the location, time of day and time of year, as well as on the orientation of the PV module relative to the Sun’s position. Using this information, the modules can be optimally located so that they receive maximum solar radiation and hence produce the most amount of electrical energy.

This course will teach you how to:

  • develop an understanding on the source of solar radiation and the solar radiation spectrum
  • determine solar radiation measurements, peak sun hours, the units and the associated conversions
  • analyse the effect of geometry (which is essentially the tilt and orientation)
  • compare the varying positions of the sun throughout the day and year
  • calculate solar altitude
  • identify the optimal tilt and orientation for a site to maximise the amount of irradiation received

This course is part of the Grid-Connected PV Systems training pathways. Before you enrol in this course, you should complete the Workplace Health and Safety, and DC Electricity courses.

Access will expire 1 year after enrolment.



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